Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ornament Thursday Links of Love

On my first day of participating in Ornament Thursday I'd like to share Links of Love with you. This idea has been pacing about in my head for over a year and Ornament Thursday was just the boost I needed to set it free. As you can see the links do not hang perfectly, but as I moved around it didn't matter - only when I stood still and took the picture was it evident.

10 Heart Connectors
1 Diamond Slice bead (or other accent bead)
1 Round Disk bead (used as accent at end of chain - not shown in picture)
44 9mm jump rings
28 6mm jump rings
12 inches chain
1 lobster claw clasp

After attempting several times to write out the pattern in a understandable manner - I gave up and instead give you this chart:

Large circles = 9mm jump rings
Small circles = 6mm jump rings
Triangles = Heart Connectors

After connecting all the jump rings and Heart Connectors in this pattern, add Diamond Slice bead to bottom 9mm jump ring using your favorite wire wrapping technique. Now add 5 inches of chain to the 6mm jump ring on the left of the top row and add 7 inches of chain to the 6mm jump ring on the right of the top row. Finish 5 inch piece of chain with lobster claw. Finish 7 inch piece of chain with Round Disk bead using your favorite wire wrapping technique. When wearing this necklace, the lobster claw can be clipped anywhere along the chain, providing for an adjustable necklace length.

This is another version of Links of Love - using just 6 Heart Connectors and 12mm jump rings in place of the 9mm jump rings.

Thanks for sharing Ornament Thursday with me. I'd like to make a short amendment to my post....You are welcome to reproduce Links of Love for resale or for your own use. Just keep in mind that other participants in Ornament Thursday have made a different request.

*** As posted on Ornament Thursday Blog:*****
Please note that all of these designs we've created are under copyright laws and none may be used directly or as derivative works for more than your personal enjoyment. You can not sell them as finished goods or to a magazine as a project. Be inspired by our ideas to make your own wonderfully unique creations, this is our gift to you.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Featured Designer: Sherri Mains

Take a look at these beauties!!!

In her etsy shop, The Beaded Eye Fairy, Sherri states : "Original design appeared in Beadwork (Oct./Nov. 2007) by Jane McGregor of Ornamentea in Raleigh, NC. I used the basic design idea but changed the type of beads used, the ribbon and the colors."

I love the look and message of both of these necklaces - whether you were wearing one of these or watching your friend wear one, all around you would be inspired to follow your dreams. Take a visit in Sherri's shop to see more lovely and inspirational jewelry.

Thanks again Sherri for spreading such beauty with Elaine Ray Beads.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

"If it takes less that 30 seconds to do ... do it now."

That is my main resolution for 2008. Last couple of years I seem to have slipped into a rut of getting-to-it-later and it is starting to catch up to me in many ways. So this year I will, again, be setting many goals for the year, but that is my only "resolution". Here is the ugly truth: I wrote 23 bead related goals last year and only met 4! And one of those four was to "consider" starting a retail line of finished jewelry. Well I did quite of bit of "considering" - looks like I did 12 months of "considering". Yikes! Time to get going.......