Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back Home in North Carolina

As you may know I was at the Bead Parlor this last weekend in Bloomington Illinois. Wow, I had forgotten just how much colder it is in central Illinois than here in central NC. In beautiful downtown Bloomington you need to repark your car every 90 minutes to avoid a parking ticket. My first trip outside I figured I'd just dash about - not bothering to put my coat on - opps! I defiantly had my coat zipped up tightly on my next trip out.

It was a great trip - I had the opportunity to meet many people who shop at and teach classes at The Bead Parlor. Everyone is super friendly and has enough enthusiasm about beading that one can't help but catch the fever! If you have never been there, get your coat and get going!

Here are a couple of pictures of my Trunk Show set up using Shelley's wonderful wooden props:

And here is a picture of the display Shelley has of my beads at all times at the Bead Parlor. I just love the way the wood and clay beads go together - I'm in love with that look.

Early in the day on Friday the very talented Carol Butler whipped together these earrings, using my flat bead circles and Vintaj findings found right there at The Bead Parlor. It was fun for me to watch Carol's creation evolve. She experimented with different jump rings and crystals and the result is stunning!

Also, this necklace is on display. Once again, I am loving the mix of metal and clay.

Stay tuned - I'll soon post pictures of a bracelet I made while there featuring these metal seed beads. Thanks for stopping by and say Hi to everyone at The Bead Parlor on your next trip.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Featured Designer - Lorelei

At Lorelei's blog Inside the Studio today you can get a glimpse of glory! Her new bracelet, One Tree Hill, features on of my tree pendants. It is lovely - Thank you Lorelei for giving that tree such a beautiful place to live.

If you'd like to see additional trees, peace pendants and more, stop by The Bead Parlor in Bloomington, IL this Friday and Saturday. This is my first out-of-state adventure for a trunk show and I am a bit nervous. In the landscape and on the soil of Illinois is where I grew up, the place where I learned to love clay. As a way to say thanks, I feel a need to present an extra beautiful spread of beads and pendants. Here is a sampling of what I have to offer:

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Featured Designer - Chelsea Girl Designs

Julie, of Chelsea Girl Designs, sent me these lovely pictures that I really want to share with you. I love the way Julie compliments the shape of my beads and pendants with accents from other components. Soooooo, here is some morning eye candy for you:

If you are interested in purchasing any of these beauties, or would like to commission your own idea, please contact Julie at: ChelseaGirlUSA "at" aol.com Remember to use the @ symbol in place of the word "at". (Just trying to keep her spam level down.)

Thanks for looking!

- Elaine

Monday, November 3, 2008

A trunk show in Bloomington, IL !!!!!

Hip Hip Hooray!!! It is finally going to happen!!!! I have dreamed of having a trunk show in this lovely bead store along the renovated streets of Bloomington, IL for quite a while now. Shelley Nybakke, owner of The Bead Parlor, offered this opportunity to me long ago, but I am only now able to work it into my schedule. As many of you may know, I was born and raised in rural Illinois not to far from Bloomington so this is really a special trip for me. To get to meet Shelley's customers, who have been long time supporters of Elaine Ray beads, will be great fun and I'll get to soak in the essence of another fine bead shop.

Date: Friday November 21st, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturday November 22nd, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Where: The Bead Parlor
318 N Main St
Bloomington, IL 61701
(309) 827 - 7708

Here is a sampling of what I'll bring with me - if you'd like more ideas, browse previous posts here on the blog. Feel free to post comments indicating what type of beads and pendants you'd like me to bring along with me to The Bead Parlor. Hope to see you there!

- Elaine Ray