Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Items at The Bead Parlor

If you are anywhere close to Bloomington Illinois, make sure to stop by The Bead Parlor and take a look around. I just sent a new shipment to Shelley and she has it out and on the floor already. Here is a peek at what is there:

While you are at The Bead Parlor, take a look at the large selection of metal seed beads they carry in the store and online at:

Here are some sample ideas of what you can make with those beauties!

I have never worked with metal seed beads, but given that metal and clay are both naturally occurring on our earth, I bet they would look great together!

If you see Shelley or Diane at The Bead Parlor, tell them I said Hi!

- Elaine


Anonymous said...

Beautiful new beads, Elaine!

Elaine Ray said...

The Bead Parlor really has a great store. The town is renovating their area of downtown and the shop has this wonderful old world, slow down and let yourself dream atmosphere to it.
Thanks for noticing Cyndi!

- Elaine

Henny Penny said...

I went to the Bead Parlor this week on your recommendation and it is awesome! I needed beads for a friend's mother blessing necklace as she is adopting from Ethiopia this month. I was able to get vintage Ethiopian beads for $1.45 each. SCORE!

Elaine Ray said...

Hi and so glad you visited the Bead Parlor. I'm going to read through your blog soon. My home town is Forest City, IL. A very small town off of Route 136 in Mason County.

Thanks for looking!

- Elaine