Monday, September 8, 2008

A Trunk Show!

I'd like to invite you to my Trunk Show at Ornamentea in Raleigh, NC on Friday October 3rd and Saturday October 4th. This is always a great time for me to get out of my garage and meet people. There is always so much creative energy bouncing around ... I enjoy trying to catch it all and bring that energy home to put into new projects.

Especially dear to my heart is when people wear or bring in finished pieces of jewelry to show me. There is soooo much talent out there, it just makes my heart go aflutter.

If you have any pictures of pieces you'd like to share with the on-line world, send me a picture to: Elaineraybeads at gmail with your name (and web link if you have one) and I'll post them all here as I move along to show day.


- Elaine Ray

I leave you with one of my favorite pictures. It demonstrates the beautiful difference that can be achieved by applying the same glaze to two different clays.

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