Thursday, December 11, 2008

Featured Designer - Me!

Look at what I made!!!!

Never before have I had the courage to try my hand at seed beads, but at the Bead Parlor I just couldn't resist. While I was there for my Trunk Show, Carol Butler gave me an excellent private lesson and I am hooked. The bracelet is made using size 8/0 copper seed beads and one of my tree pendants - both available at the Bead Parlor. If you can't get to the Bead Parlor you can get the beads here, and the pendant here.

My next adventure into using metal seed beads will probably include some small crystals for texture and yet another one of my pendants with 4 holes. Stay tuned...............

Also, a quick note to show off new pendants available at

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Joan Tucker said...

Elaine, Great bracelet; I am learning to make jewelry with our porcelain pendants and am always looking for new ideas and where to put the holes if any. This bracelet design is great. I make pendants with four holes and have never tried a bracelet like this.
It looks very wearable and great
even for everyday wear.

Thanks for sharing. Joan Tucker
Off Center Productions

Shelley Nybakke said...

Hi Elaine: Your bracelet turned out beautiful and the metal seed beads look so perfect with your beads!! I hope we got you hooked on weaving.

Shelley Nybakke

Lorelei said...

Elaine! It's beautiful!! Great job. I'm loving the clasp on that piece too!

Elaine Ray said...

Thanks everyone for your compliments. The clasp is a couple of small button like snaps that I got from The Bead Parlor. They complete the bracelet wonderfully!

Lorelei said...

Can you order from the Bead Parlor online?

Erin said...

Beautiful bracelet! Copper seed beads? I didn't know they made those! I love them. I'm not really a bead-weave person but even I'd love to make that!

Elaine Ray said...

Here is the Bead Parlor's web site ordering information:

You may need to talk to Shelley personally about ordering a clasp.

Thanks for the compliment. The Metal Seed beads Shelley carries there at the Bead Parlor are what it took for me to take a try at bead weaving.

Thanks again,