Sunday, September 6, 2009

A whole new technique for me.

These pendants are made with old crushed bottles. This technique has been done for years and years, but these are my first trial. The most difficult thing for me is how to crush the glass easily - any suggestions?

See you Friday or Saturday at Ornmanetea,



Indian Creek Studios said...

I just use a hammer, lol!
I hear there are some on ebay, called frit crusher or frit grinder, also at


Elaine Ray said...

OK - that must have seemed like a ridiculous question for me to ask!!! What I should have asked is "how do you keep the glass from flying all over when crushing it?" The link was quite helpful. I ended up using a set up with a stainless steel bowl and rod with a paper plate cover that, when assembled, looked like a butter churner.

It it all works as planned, I'll post pictures when I open the kiln tomorrow.

- Elaine

Sheli said...

I've never had to crush glass but when I made a large mosaic and had to smash up a lot of ceramic tiles I would wrap the tiles in a towel and smash them with a hammer (wearing heavy garden gloves and eye protection ofcourse!). I'd keep the gloves on to fish the shards of tile out of the towel as well so I didn't cut up my fingers. Maybe, since you're smashing the glass up so small, you could put an inner layer of heavy paper or smooth fabric around the glass before smashing so that when it's all in little pieces you can use that inner layer as a sort of funnel? Not sure if the paper would just get torn to shreds, you might have to experiment with that. :)
Good luck!