Thursday, September 13, 2012

Holi Posi Flower

New bead shape for - the Holi Posi Flower

Cynthia designed a lovely tutorial using this bead that can be found here:

In all honesty, I let my friends at Ornamentea name the bead and I really have no idea what the background for the name is.  I even Googled it and  still came up blank.  So, in my mind Holi Posi can be translated into "lovely bead with 6 crazy holes to glaze around".  

If you pictures to share - let me know, I love pictures!

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Cynthia Deis said...

Well, it gets kinda hot in the attic...the bead has holes. It's a posey. It's a Holi Posi!

We all laughed really hard at that!