Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chair upgrade

One down with 5 to go.  These chairs are from my Grandparent's house - I have had them for close to 8 years and finally decided how to restore them.  I always thought they'd have to be stripped and refinished to show the wood.  This was way out of my price range to pay to have it done and way out of my time range to do it myself.  The joints have been cracking one chair at a time and we were down to only one chair that could be sat on safely so it was time to do something.... Pinterest to the rescue!  I saw some painted chairs there and thought why not - it the best of worlds the wood would be preserved, but at least now the chairs get to see the light of day.  My daughter helped me choose the fabric and paint color.  When the chairs are all done, I'm thinking about doing the table in a really dark blue.  I'm sure the paint will get chipped, so then I'll claim to be going for a "distressed" look.

I seem to be happiest when I have some sort of projects happening.  What house projects are you working on?

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Patti Van said...

Looking at the lines of the original chair, I can see why your first thought would be to refinish them...beautiful wood! But that paint color and fabric is GORGEOUS!! I love it!