Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mood Swing Studio

Kristen from Mood Swing Studios gets the credit for making these spunky necklaces. You can see more of her work at: . For you bird lovers, Kristen even has a whole page labeled "The Aviary".

It was a couple of years ago when I originally found these images on Flicker when randomly "googling" my name. It was one of the first times finding images of my beads or pendants on the web. I still remember the excitement I felt and the speed at which I called my family to come look at the computer screen and called my sister on the phone. In all reality, I still get that excited with I find an image with my beads, I'm not sure it is something I will ever out grow!


kt said...

Tee hee~=) You know how much I love your work! Everytime I use one of your pieces in my jewelry, it sells instantly. You're a good luck charm! And a mighty talented one at that!

Elaine Ray said...


Thanks - you know I rely on the designers to make me look good!

- Elaine

*melanie* earthenwood studio said...

Oh! I love what Kristen has done with your work! She made some brooches with my buttons and I have one that I just love! Nice work, both of you!

kt said...

Thanks Elaine! Hi Melanie!!!!