Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tracey Thomasson

Take a look at this rockin necklace Tracey Thomasson made with one of my Tangle pieces. Tracey used this piece in a totally upside down way that I originally imagined its use. This highlights the aspect of original art beads that I love the most: So many creative minds out there - the variety of handcrafted jewelry is tremendous - giving us the freedom to adorn our bodies with bits and pieces of wearable art!


melanie of earthenwood studio said...

Hi Elaine! I finally stumbled upon your blog! It looks great!

Wow that is an awesome piece of jewelry! So much great texture with the beads and I love the Tangle component. So many ways those can be used!

Tari of claybuttons said...

Elaine, that is a fantastic necklace! The Tangle works really well the way it was used. Congrats on getting your blog up! It looks great!

Natalie Pappas said...

That's an incrediable necklace. I love how it is put together with your Tangle piece. Wonderful!

Bosporus Glass said...

Hiii Elaine,
Welcome to the blog world.
I think you're doing great.
I just love that necklace.
I visited your website as well and fell in love with your pendants and beads. They are just amazing.
Thanks to Heather for starting the Beadmaker Ring. I am so glad I found you and others.


Elaine Ray said...

Melanie, Tari, Natalie and Ilknur - thanks for the compliments. I have always been so amazed by the finished pieces other people have from my items. I'll soon post some more.
- Elaine