Saturday, June 9, 2012


Well I have started to use Pinterest.  Wow, what a visual treat it is.  This is going to take some self discipline to not do one more click, just one more, only one more, OK - this time I really mean it, last one for sure...  There are soooo  many good ideas out there.  Stuff to make, food to cook, things to paint, posters to read,  rooms to wish for, plants to grow, bookshelves to lust after and pins to pins.

I do find it inspiring, so I labeled one of my boards "This I will do and will let you know how it turns out."  And here is my first project.

To cut the clips off the hangers I scored the edges with a hand saw and then just snapped them off.  It probably would have been faster with a power saw, but I didn't feel like dragging it out.

The last picture is of our blueberry fence - the clips are around the top edge, holding the bird netting pieces together.  The hope is that these clips will last longer than regular wooden clothes pins which rot in a few years of sun and rain.  So far I say this was a good idea - successful pin.  Thanks for playing along.

 If you'd like to read more the original article is here: 

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