Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Art Bead Love Tour

Super excited to see Lori Anderson's blog post about The Art Bead Love Tour.  It was a thrill to see one of my blue almond shaped beads on the necklace as is arrived to Lori (that she decided to removed and keep) and an Elaine Ray diamond bezel pendant that she is adding to the necklace.  Here is what Lori said about The Art Bead Love Tour:  The Art Bead Love Tour is an ongoing project to spread the love of handmade to new and exciting places. It’s a way to reach people who may have never stumbled upon your blog on their own, and give them a chance to share the love of handmade. A chain was chosen to link beads as a symbol of how this project links us all together~ in our unity to stand behind handmade.

Go to Lori's blog for a chance to be included in the fun while getting a eyeful of beautiful art beads.  Enjoy!

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