Sunday, July 8, 2012

It worked!  You can use a Mason or Ball jar with the blender.  My blender is an Oster, so I don't know if all benders work, but this did great.  I tried several different sized jars, even down to a small jam jar size.  This was something I originally saw on Pinterest on Swank Coffee's board.  

Let me know what you have tried from pins on Pinterest that worked out for you.  


Boot ~C said...

that is a great idea! I went to your board & noticed you had the pumpkin cupcakes to try, I make these a lot & use a devils food cake mix(& a few chocolate chips...)they are easy, awesome & fudgy.

Elaine Ray said...

Ooooo - that sounds good, thanks for the idea. Also saw the recipe on your blog - what good timing. I'm thinking you are Jayne - if so, Thanks Jayne, if not Thanks Boot C, for stopping by.