Friday, February 1, 2013

You hold my heart in your hand

During the next couple of weeks I am dedicated to only making items for my trunk show at Ornamentea on March 1st and 2nd.  This pendant was my kick off to new items and bringing back some old shapes and colors that I haven't visited in a while.  I've told myself I'll not work on any items that are currently on Ornamentea's web site for these two weeks to keep myself on track.  This is going to be great fun, I have 5 pages of ideas to test out.  In reality, as I work on each new shape more ideas jump out of the clay and the list goes on and on.  Stay tuned for pictures as the ideas progress.


Janet said...

How Precious! When will this be available Elaine?

Elaine Ray said...

Thanks Janet! You probably saw my reply on FB, but I thought I'd post here also: This one is not for sale, the curve is all wrong for a pendant. I will have variations for sale at my trunk show on March 1st and 2nd. Thanks for your interest - Stay tuned!