Monday, June 3, 2013

Artisan Whimsy 5 X 5 test team

This last month I had the great opportunity to be the "host" for the Artisan Whimsy 5 X 5 test team.  The idea of the test team is this:  One "host" sends a set of 5 identical items to 5 jewelry designers.  The designers are chosen at random from a list of volunteers.  The designers have approximately one month to design, construct, photo, and blog about their finished pieces.  To be honest, I think I had the easier part of the deal.

Melinda Orr asked me to provide pieces that were new and "not in circulation" yet.  I had been wanting to make some head pins for a while and this seemed like a perfect opportunity for me.  But - five sets of head pins seemed too redundant, so I concocted a few more designs and settled on these.

Feeling inspired?  You can get your own components here: 

Please let me know what you make - I love pictures!

Now onto the main show.......

Hop on over to each individual's blog for more pictures and insight into their creative process.

Cheryl Folies

Marcia Dunne

Cory Tompkins

Sharon Palac

Robin Showstack

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RaggedRobyn said...

Elaine what gorgeous shapes and crisp lines on that bead selection for the artisan whimsy 5x5 test team. Fabulous glaze combinations too!

Elaine Ray said...

Thanks Robyn! I took a look at your blog and etsy site - your beads are really great!

- Elaine

13 said...

I really enjoyed the opportunity of working with your amazing pieces and it's great to see all the ideas that everyone came up with