Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tracy Thomasson

Hi - Well Tracy Thomasson has been at it again. She aways makes my pieces look so good! I'm not sure how these double cord necklaces were made but I am really loving them!

The spacer looking beads in the middle of the 3 sets of beads in this photo are a new design I am trying out. this is a great way to "fasten" a necklace. No clasp needed and you don't need to fiddle with a clasp behind your neck.

Last, but obviously not least, another version of the "Tangle" shape. I especially like the way Tracy wrapped the cord ends right above the Tangle. Blue is my favorite color so I am really loving this one! You can see more of her creations on her Flickr account.

Thanks again to Tracy Thomasson for making this earth a more beautiful place to be!

- Elaine

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