Friday, May 9, 2008

Beads 2008

I'm one the cover of Beads 2008! Yea!!!! - I am sooo excited. Ornamentea submitted the heart connectors - so I want to give them a big THANKS! Can you see them - right there above the word "events", which is appropriate since this is quite an event for me!

Check out page 17 for another view of the heart connectors along with a pair of ceramic cones. These are featured on the page for "organic" looks - couldn't fit me better! Then as an added surprise, on page 68 Elizabeth Murry's "Secrets Revealed" incorporates 3 almond beads and a charm made with my very own hands.

Can you tell I am thrilled! Thank you soooo much Elizabeth - if you find your way to this blog please leave me a comment or some way I can contact you to pass a personal thanks on to you!

Here are some ideas to try with the Heart Connectors:

Above and below: Linky Love as featured at the Art Bead Scene.

Earrings with made as a collaboration with Cindy Gimbrone and Beverly Herman:

A pair of Swinging Earrings as seen at the Art Bead Scene:

My first magazine submission as seen in Stringing:

You can find the Heart Connectors at or check with the bead stores listed at the upper right hand side of this blog for availability.

Thanks again to everyone out there that helps to make my creations look so good - I couldn't keep in the business without you.....

- Elaine

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Jenny J. said...

Elaine - Saw the note on you in the Bead Soup column and went to check out your selections at Ornamentea right away!! Love them!! I can't wait to mix some into my stash!! Thanks! ... :) Jen