Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trunk Show time again at Ornamentea

A couple of new shapes.

This one was well planned out and I am pleased with every aspect of it: small and dainty, easy to form and glaze, shows the bare clay on the sides and I get consistent results. This is a keeper.

This bead is another story. Many of you know how I work - think of a new bead shape, make just a couple and see how it is to glaze and fire them, then make a handful more to get a success / failure rate, and then decide if I want to make them in production. But not for this bead - I was so excited with the first flash vision in my head I didn't bother to think it through and just jumped in and made 100 in each color of clay I use (buff, brown and white). My plan was to glaze the flat side and leave the skinny edges of clay showing, sort of opposite of my washer beads. As soon as I attempt to glaze the first one of those 300 beads it hits me - this won't work! The glaze will run and stick to the wire in the kiln unless I'm super, super, super careful when applying the glaze and use only glazes that don't run. Well, I'm not capable of being that careful and most of my glazes run. Hmmmmm - I can't just toss out 300 beads so I figure I'll just glaze them same at the washer beads and say good bye to the shape forever.

BUT - now I'm loving the shape and edges so will most likely make more and more of them.

Hope you get to meet these new beads at my trunk show on March 25th and 26th at Ornamentea. Lorelei Eutro will be there on Friday teaching Designing Without Limits. Get in the class!

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