Thursday, January 10, 2013

Did someone say Hearts!?!

Did someone say "Hearts"? Here are some new designs and some old friends. 

Upper left: new 2 part Friendship Hearts - I left the cut edge unglazed to emphasize that they are two pieces of one heart. Share one side with a friend, or use them both in a pair of earrings.

Lower left: new heart charms - many have identical twins and are easy to use in earrings, while others would make happy mismatched earrings. Also great for a lightweight necklace.

Upper right: pierced hearts, drilled with a horizontal stringing hole. (Some colors available online)

Middle right: these are all glazed on both sides with various hole placements

Lower right: sweet hearts glazed on one side only.

This is just a sampling of what is available on Ornamentea's store shelves. Come by and take a closer look at everything. If you can't make it to Raleigh, give them a call and they will be glad to ship to you.  919.834.6260


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