Thursday, January 5, 2012

Amaco FC-766 kiln needs ring repair

The top ring of this kiln is split in two all the way around (the inner two rings you see should be just one thick ring rather than two thin rings) and has many vertical breaks in it also. Right now it is patched together with pins to hold it to the outer ring and small chunks of kiln brick to hold it from slumping down over the heating coil. Yesterday I found out that Amaco no longer makes replacement parts for this kiln - bummer! So now I'm beginning my search for a "work around" fix. I have plenty of kiln brick around from an old dismantled kiln, so I will start with that. It is just a flat ring - the heating coil nestles in the ring below. If I can measure and cut the kiln brick precisely, it shouldn't be too hard. I'll keep you posted.

Today I am grateful for Dr. Dan Turnbull. This morning he worked on a molar that I broke a chunk off of last week. It needs a crown, so the dentist visit involved the use of a needle, drill and that yucky impression stuff - all of which he and his staff used with gentle touches and efficiency. Thanks Dr. Dan for making my appointment go as smooth as possible.

What are you grateful for today?


Heather said...

i too am thankful for the gentle touch of my dentist today! have to go back on the 19th to have a filling drilled out and replaced - not fun when you are allergic to novocaine! i know he will be as gentle as possible! i think i liked my eye appointment today a lot better though!

Elaine Ray said...

Heather - yikes! I'm not sure I could do that without Novocaine. Good luck to you!

Kiln Repair said...

EEk! You must be very brave :)