Friday, January 6, 2012

I've decided to work with my cascade glazes again so I dug out this old shelf. You can see the puddles of glaze and yes, those kiln posts are glazed into place. When I first started to use these shelves dedicated to the cascade / drippy glazes I was upset when the kiln posts stuck, but the more I used them, but more I realized that stuck is a good thing. I fill the shelves, then carry them over to the kiln and gently lower them in. The stuck posts keep everything in place and there is very little shifting going on.

Here is the shelf filled up and ready to be loaded into the kiln:

This old post: shows examples of some pendants I made in the past with cascade glazes. Those shown above are much smaller versions. This full shelf will help me judge just how many of these small pendants I can load on the rods without too much slumping. I'll photo again after firing.

Today I am grateful for the NC Museum of Art. We went to see the Rembrandt exhibit this evening. It is inspiring and interesting - so get there if you can.

What are you grateful for today?

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Lori Anderson said...

It's really cool to see what goes into getting the finished bead!