Monday, January 16, 2012

New bead racks - day 4

Today I am grateful for modern medicine. Today my neighbor is getting both of his knees replaced, my sister is having the last of her chemotherapy treatments for colon cancer, and my husband had routine blood work done for a yearly physical. All of these are very different types of medicine that not rare and touch the lives of many. Thank you to all you creative minds that work at health problems, preventative care and treatment.

Here are my new bead racks in action. They are very sturdy and don't wobble which is very helpful. One thing I didn't think about before is the fact that they are wider than my old bead racks. If I take a 12mm round as a standard measurement, each row of beads has about 1 less bead on it. That makes an average of 20 less beads per shelf, equaling about 80 beads less per kiln load. If I were to take 6mm rounds as the unit of measurement it would be about 200 less beads per kiln load. I think it is well worth the loss of space, but something to take into consideration when planing what will go into each firing. Yes, I'm a bit geeky about this.......

What are you grateful for today?

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Lucid Moon Studio said...

I am grateful for modern medicine as well! My husband had to have a cardiac catheterization yesterday due to chest pains, an abnormal EKG, abnormal stress test, family history of heart disease, and his high cholesterol levels. I am so happy to say his heart is 100% healthy with no placque or issues! It is amazing what medical technology can do these days!