Sunday, January 8, 2012

New bead racks - day 3, Tile saw

Well, last week I again tried making new clay slabs for bead racks but they still had a bit too much warping for my liking. After much consideration, I decided to cut up a bunch of old, broken kiln shelves that I have and use those as my racks instead of trying to make racks out of clay slabs. There will be no warping, the sides will be perfectly straight and it is fast and easy.

Here I am with my new tile saw. It looks like the pictures were taken at different times of day, but they are really just without, then with, a flash.

Since everything gets all wet with a tile saw, here are the new racks drying on a hot kiln. Some long pieces, some short pieces. I'll have to lay them out on the shelves before I know how many more to cut to which size. (Yes, over the years I have collected that many broken shelf pieces. Not such a good thing...)

I think I'll easily make up the purchase money for the tile saw with time saved racking up the beads and not having to buy clay to make new racks. The broken shelves were all just sitting around doing nothing anyway.

Today I am two days worth of grateful for my husband, Mark. He listened to me over think and over analyze which tile saw to get, gave his input and went with me to pick it out. Thanks Mark!

What are you grateful for today?


Cora said...

I am thankful for him too :) :)

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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